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Sand Shrimp


Sand Shrimp 00103
Price: 4 USD In stock

Tired of messing with expensive and smelly bait?  Ya we were too and that is one reason we designed this perfect shrimp jig.  For far too long the the diehard jig fanatics were left out of the bait game.  There isn't a fast or easy way to keep any kind of bait on the hook for an extended amount of time.  Well now with our original design there is.  With the Shrimpies available in any color imaginable there is one for every water situation.  If you still want scent all you have to do is add it to the head or the body of the jig, just keep it away from the softer materials like feathers and fur.  If you add the juice from the usual shrimp cure you use then there you go!  You have virtually the exact same presentation, only it will never fall off your hook, saving you A LOT of money and time you would never get back.  More time in the water simply equals more fish!  We designed them the way we did after many many trial patterns not catching as many fish.  The way we tie them now outfishes the other way every time everywhere period.  If you know anything about how salmon and steelhead feed they do it looking up.  Well when the jig sits in the water tied this way the fish gets the full and best view of every detail in the Shrimpie pattern.  When it is tied the other way the only view the fish get is of a blob of materials which totally makes it pointless to put all the effort into tying them in the first place with the fine details.  There isn't a reason to make the jig look like a shrimp when it's tied the other way.  This has been tested by us for years!  We don't create products to catch fishermen like other companies.  We create products based around what fish want.  And the fish clearly told us to choose this way of tying the Shrimpies based on the amount of fish caught on our pattern versus tying them the other way.

  • Most realistic tied jig out on the market!
  • All 1/32 are tied on Mustad Ultra Point. All 1/16, 1/8 & 1/4 are tied on Owner 2X
  • Perfect subsititution for places with no bait regulations!
  • Made In The USA